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Reebok EasyTone

my well-worn favorite tennis shoes!

A shout out to my new favorite tennis shoe: The Reebok EasyTone.

I first heard the idea of such a shoe when Sketchers “Shape Ups” were advertised. I thought it sounded like a great idea, but I didn’t want the world to know I was wearing them… their design wasn’t exactly subtle.

So, I will admit, the commercial for Reebok convinced me. Props to their ad department, they target their audience very well. But most of all, they satisfied my needs while maintaining the look of a normal tennis shoe.

EasyTones have “balance pods” built in to the bottom of the shoe. Reebok’s site claims that the design activates muscles in the Gluteus Maximus 28 percent more than a regular tennis shoe, as well as the Hamstrings and Calves an additional 11 percent.

After wearing them for a few months now, I haven’t seen any incredible results, but I definitely feel my muscles engage more while walking, especially up staircases and hills, of which Ohio University has plenty.

The only drawback to the Easytones are an occasional foot numbness after prolonged wear. I am not sure about the cause of this, but I would guess it is a design flaw somewhere in the toe of the shoe.

I also use my Easytones to work out on the elliptical and jog, which is not exactly recommended by Reebok, but definitely intensifies my workout.

When my schedule doesn’t allow a work out or a work out that is long enough, my EasyTones help to alleviate my guilt just a smidgen.

I decided today that it is almost always a good idea to wear my EasyTones!