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The Business of Fitness

I think it will always be a struggle to promote fitness/nutrition without accusation of trying to take people’s money. There are plenty of “specialists” out there who have put their names on books and products that promise quick fixes and other lies, making it hard to find a trustworthy and credible source of information about fitness. So when there is truthful information to be shared, how can the industry spread the word without being lumped in with all the other false information out there? And, how can you expect to be found if you don’t promote yourself? In the end, everything comes down to money, whether you’re a fitness magazine publisher or you own a gym. But can money be made without being manipulative?

This post sparked my thinking because until Reebok came along and attached a brand to it, I think Crossfit did a really good job of maintaining credibility while also promoting itself, at least in my experience. Crossfit studios allow anybody to come try a class for free and decide for themselves if it’s right for them. They don’t try to manipulate people into joining, but let the “product they sell” speak for itself. As a fitness enthusiast, I appreciate that.