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What’s on Your Plate?

With the semi-recent (May/June 2011-ish) unveiling of the MyPlate, I think it is only fair to recognize the project I did in fall quarter of my junior year.

A project for an Introduction to Informational Graphics Class, Fall 2010.

I first saw this concept in print here. Basically, instead of simply calorie counting and paying attention to where those calories are coming from, the plate idea takes into account portions and distorted perspectives.  This adds an important dimension to nutrition that is being displayed visually, which further intrigues me. In some small way it represents the role of visual journalists as communicators, taking complicated information and spitting it back out in a feasible, interesting way that goes beyond text.

Breaking down nutrition text books and sifting through websites and hoaxes for weight loss is overwhelming to say the least. stands as the ultimate trusted resource for nutrition information. It’s not trying to sell issues or get website hits, it’s simply providing credible information to the public, making this a great place for personal trainers to refer their clients.