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Time to Tri

After last summer’s failed attempt at completing a triathlon, the goal I set seemed to shine even more insistently in the distance.

In March, I completed an indoor triathlon that consisted of rowing, stationary biking and treadmill running. Out of only four female participants, I won the race. Still, it didn’t quite fulfill my goal.

Last summer started off well–I was swimming and running pretty regularly already, and I took a quarter of spinning classes through Ohio University’s recreation center. When school let out, I had quite a few obstacles. I didn’t have a road bike, and I ended up with two internships in downtown Cleveland, putting me away from home from about 7 a.m. to  8 p.m. While I made it to the gym most mornings and evenings and definitely improved my running distance, I was mostly too exhausted to get in a good training session.

This summer, there were no excuses. I had a bike, and I had a lovely lake to run/bike past every morning. And in two days, I will complete what I set out to do over two years ago.

I’ll be completing the super sprint distance of the Cleveland Triathlon. I chose this race because the 300-yard swim, 8 mile bike and 1.5 mile run seemed a reasonable distance to start out with, and a distance I haven’t seen offered in many other races.

Training-wise, I’ve logged over 40 miles of running on Nike + GPS, about 50 miles of cycling, and who knows how much swimming for the summer (not including workouts that weren’t tracked through a fitness app). I’ve become comfortable biking, although I don’t have bike shoes, and I’m pretty confident about the swimming portion. The greatest challenge will be transitions and the run to the finish.

I do feel that I could have trained a little harder. I followed a modified version of a “Tri-newbies training guide”, but there were many times I wished I had a coach to train with, especially for the biking.

I think triathlons are a good sport for me. I have always been better at endurance and pacing myself than sprinting. But the problem with endurance is that it can get a little boring. In my workouts at the gym, I tended to split up my 30 plus minutes of cardio between the Stairmaster, the treadmill and the stationary bike. Upon reflection, the triathlon seems like the perfect complement, especially coming from a swimming background.

So FINALLY, with nervous excitement, it’s time to tri!