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JUST MADE: sweet potato hash

JUST MADE: sweet potato hash

Just made THE most delicious PALEO breakfast! Recipe originally from “Eating for Idiots” blog.

I usually hate cooking on a skillet because it splashes all over the place, but coconut oil held up much better at medium-high heat and the sweet potatoes actually did get crispy without getting burnt.
I used some Tony Chachere’s seasoning and skipped the cinnamon to make it a little spicier. Top with an egg for perfection!

As always, see this and more recipes that I’ve tried and rated on my pinterest board “pinned there, done that.”


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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive

Here’s a quick tip for those of us on a budget. I buy frozen green peppers (Kroger brand) and shake a few into the pan with my eggs in the morning. As for eggs, I use one cage free natural fed egg and a splash of liquid egg whites. It surprised me how many big name brands of liquid egg whites had so many fake ingredients in them. As long as you check the ingredients list and see only what you’re looking for, you’ve just saved time and cash, both on the initial purchase and the race against fresh food rotting. Of course, fresh is always better, but I keep these in my freezer for days I don’t have fresh in the fridge.