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Just eating real foods, lifting heavy things and learning about it along the way

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If life is like a puzzle, mine is the one with pieces so worn that the layer with the picture is curled up and the cardboard has buckled and which has a few missing pieces. I realize how incredibly cliché this may seem, yet I cannot fathom a more apt description. Because as a curious toddler fumbling pieces bigger than my hand could grasp, I had already begun to develop fractions of a picture that would one day interlock.

As young as the age of two, I was drawing pictures to serve as a visual for my “stories without a book.” Soon, though, crayons and pin feed paper were traded for Mom’s laptop on early mornings as bare feet padded downstairs to type what imagination told me. So effortlessly did the pieces of the puzzle come together.

However, it would not be until my first journalism class that I would find the catalyst. On that day my sophomore year, my only regret was that I hadn’t begun this journey sooner. Soon enough, I found myself the feature editor, news editor, and then editor-in-chief of Solon High School’s award winning newspaper, the designer, then editor of the high school literary magazine, and loving every minute of it. These pieces gleamed with the brightest colors in the puzzle, for journalism quickly became my true passion.

Other interests intertwined beautifully as design, writing, photography and computers came together in one common outlet. Everything simply fit. I cannot possibly feel more unrelenting eagerness to delve into the field of journalism. I wish to soak up every ounce of knowledge there is to know and retain it for a future in journalism.

Today, I am thriving within both Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism as well as the Scripps School of Visual Communications. I am majoring in magazine journalism and informational graphics/publication design. I have worked with the student newspaper, The Post since my first quarter here at OU. I am a page designer and wrote on the Campus Staff as a stringer for two quarters. Today, I have branched out my experience to a new online magazine entitled The Essay as a writer, designer and wire editor.

Aside from my journalistic interests, I am involved with the OU Swim Club as an active member and Marketing Officer. Fitness is one of my top priorities, and I hope to one day be involved with a health/wellness publication to combine all of my passions.