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Detox Day 1

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One down, 10 to go!

Today was filled with some delicious food paired with a throbbing headache that still will not go away.

For breakfast, I had a smoothie made with flax seed and mixed berries. It would have been better with the suggested substitute of flax seed oil instead of the actual seeds. Next time, I think the alternative would greatly improve the taste and texture.

For lunch, I had vegetable soup which I prepared last night. The flavors are delicious–cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, garlic, onion and more. It’s great even without the optional suggested seasonings.

I brought an orange to class with me, but by the time it was over at 5 I was STARVING.

For dinner, I got my two servings of protein in with a mustard chicken recipe–ground mustard, rosemary and dill on chicken breasts. Delicious! (but a little spicy…probably added too much rosemary. It was a guesstimate)

After dinner, I indulged in the alloted ounce of dark chocolate.

I noticed today that there are little to no carbs allowed in this detox, and no bread (Diet Rule number 2?). I guess it makes sense. In fact, if you go to jimmyjohns website, it allows you to see nutrition facts and build a sandwich. This allows you to see that by removing the bread and substituting a lettuce wrap, you can save 250 calories! That’s without sacrificing any other toppings or flavors.

Overall, today I felt pretty hungry throughout the day. My headache also did not help my mood. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more fulfilling!


Author: cpomiecko

I am an Ohio University graduate with a degree in magazine journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and informational graphics/ publication design from the Scripps School of Visual Communications. I am also passionate about fitness and nutrition.

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