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The Road to a Triathlon, Week 2

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Week two leaves me feeling both stronger, and sore, from head to toe.

I began the week with Pilates, as usual, and ended it with an easy 30 minute run, hoping to alleviate the tightness in my muscles.

Tuesday was strictly cardio, and Wednesday was my first run-through of my strength-training circuit, which I think engaged my soreness! On Thursday, cycling didn’t seem as difficult as it had been the first week. I enjoyed the prospect of transferring this practice into outdoor biking over the summer!

And finally, on Friday, I had a great workout with my personal trainer, using free-weights, ladders, body bars and bosu balls, among other equipment. We achieved a total body workout that left me sore and sweaty in only 30 minutes! By completing a combination of lunges, squats, jumps, bicep curls, lat raises, and bicycle crunches, inner and outer thigh exercises with a stretch cord I found new ways to work my muscles.

I learned, and experienced first-hand, the way that gravity can intensify a workout. Simply doing the same exercises in different positions can affect the way the exercise feels. For example, taking a bicep curl from standing or sitting to laying down puts a different angle on your muscles.

An image of a lying bicep curl borrowed from and originally provided by Men's Health Magazine

In this case, it also allows you to extend the move further than you would be able to on a bicep curl machine.

I also learned that working out doesn’t necessarily have to take an hour and a half to two hours every day. With a busy schedule, it is often hard for me to find the time to fit that in.

The workout reminded me of an article I read in Shape magazine’s April 2010 issue. The story, “Shortcut to a Sexier Body,” written by Janet Lee, quoted R.D. Tanya Fakhouri, who is a personal trainer and owner of TNT Wellness Group in Los Angeles.

“If you sculpt your muscles from a variety of angles–by changing your hand, leg or arm positioning–you don’t have to lift two or three times a week.”

By making simple adjustments, you can intensify your exercise routine. This is encouraging for those of us pressed for time.

I also think this idea has been reiterated enough that it can be deemed reliable. From my experience, I think the best way to sift through the abundance of health tips that are out there is to find a credible source and to check multiple credible sources.

And one more thing. My trainer reminded me not to forget about resting and recovery. So, today is Sunday. My day of rest. From exercise, at least. Back to homework!


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I am an Ohio University graduate with a degree in magazine journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and informational graphics/ publication design from the Scripps School of Visual Communications. I am also passionate about fitness and nutrition.

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